Meet the VIP team – Europe’s Technical Services Expert Marko Gubanc

October 10, 2022

Polyurea is his passion. Our new technical specialist for the European Markets Marko Gubanc comes from Ljubljana in Slovenia and is a true Polyurea Afficionado.

He has been running his own Polyurea Spraying Operation in the Balkan Region, Italy and Spain for many years, and sprayed almost anything including parking decks, pools, water features, roofs and bunded areas, amongst many other projects.

He has gained experience with a lot of different materials, and his expertise is a big plus for him in his new role.

Since January 2022, he has been supporting VIP’s customers and approved applicators all over Europe on a large variety of different projects.

Meet the VIP team – Europe’s Technical Services Expert Marko Gubanc

His hands on approach have helped many of our sprayers in tricky situations, and as you can see from the picture, his shoes come off on occasion.

After successfully completing the renewal of the FlowRider in the Sommarland surf paradise in Telemark, Norway, with our Leisure Line system and the shoes definitely needed changing and our customer Recrea kept them as a reminder.

Marko is able to support you on your projects, he runs our Approved Applicator Trainings, he supports the trainings at our importers, and is very much involved in our R&D department, with testing our newest creations ‘til they are ready to be launched.

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