VIPShield Approvals

April 24, 2022

Be Safe – with our multi-approved VIPShield Combo Protect system

Industry standards are set not just to regulate companies or organisations that design or manufacture products for various purposes. Regulations are sometimes different in every country, but they often share the same goal – to ensure that individual products provide a safe and sustainable solution for specific applications.
In line with this, we are happy to announce that our system VIPShield has passed further tests and approvals.
VIPShield – now also ETAG approved:

  • No Fibre or Geo Reinforcement required even for trafficable roofs
  • UV stable – no TopCoats required (not colour stable although)
  • 25-50 year service life even in extreme climate conditions based on increased layer thickness
  • 100% Pure Polyurea – consistent application and performance in regions with high humidity

Furthermore, our VIPShield is a waterproofing system with an ASTM E108 certified membrane, a fire-test-response standard that is used to evaluate roof coverings in both residential and commercial roofing applications for materials used on combustible or non-combustible decks. The evaluation simulates the fire originating outside the building accompanied by wind conditions.
The test report ASTM E108 is valid for our product QuickSeal MP500 which is an instant curing flexible Waterproofing membrane that can be built to any thickness in one application.

Lastly, our VIPShield product range incorporates Green Roofing solutions with anti-root certification and Silver Reflect which achieves excellent SRI values. With this range, VIP Coatings:

  • promotes the production and use of renewable energy
  • support government policies that encourage investments in the green economy and to facilitate the production, import, export and re-export of green products and technologies
  • support organisations and efforts that focus on dealing with the effects of climate change, promoting organic agriculture, maintaining biodiversity, and protecting the ecological balance
  • assist efforts in rationalising the use of water resources, electricity and natural resources and recycling waste
  • design products following standards that support the development and promotion of green technology