Workshop in Romania

March 28, 2022

VIP Workshop in Romania with Romcrete Equipamente

To ensure that everyone on the team is aware of the proper use and handling of our products, we organize trainings and conferences that will provide them with the knowledge and skills required to handle the work.

In March ‘22, a meeting was held in Timisoara, Romania, the headquarters of Romcrete Equipamente, to showcase VIP Coatings’ products and Graco equipment distributed by Romcrete Equipamente.

Romcrete Echipamente SRL serves the Machinery, Equipment, and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers sector. The company was established in Romania in April 2008. Romcrete works closely with Graco in promoting and distributing spray finishing equipment, application of protective layers, paint circulation, lubrication, application of insulators and adhesives, as well as electrical application equipment for the construction industry. They are known for using innovative technologies that set the standard for quality in a wide range of fluid handling solutions.

Aside from providing equipment the company also

  • Assists in choosing the right technical solutions for our customers
  • Implementing agreed solutions
  • Train personnel on how the proper use and handling of equipment
  • Provide maintenance service and spare parts for the equipment sold
Workshop in Romania
Workshop in Romania

During the event, the staff are shown various Polyurea Applications Techniques that they can apply at work. We believe that while technical knowledge is important when catering to the requirements of our customers, hands-on application of the techniques and seeing the products in use will allow them to have more insight about which products to recommend for certain conditions and surfaces.

Polyurea Applications Techniques include:

  • High-pressure hot spray
  • Warm spray coating
  • Low-pressure cold spray

Aside from knowing our products and how they are used, the demonstrations held at the event also show how each product works when applied using certain equipment, in this case, Graco equipment distributed by Romcrete Equipamente.

The training and demonstration went well and resulted in the overall complete success of the conference.